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Parks & Recreation


The Park & Recreation Commission meets on the 3rd Monday in January, April, July and October.  The meetings are held at Borough Hall at 7:00 p.m.

Chair:  Kathleen Raines

Members:    Steve Mehl                    Kyle Bower                    Vacant                    Vacant                    Vacant


Currently, the Borough of Alburtis has several areas for sports and fun:

The Playground of Adventures II

The Playground of Adventures II was funded with grant money through the DCNR.  This handicapped accessible

playground is located behind the Borough Maintenance Building on Stone Alley. 

Basketball and Hockey Courts

The Borough's Basketball and Hockey Courts are located on Cobblestone Court and are available year round.


The Borough of Alburtis owns the baseball field located at School & Walnut Streets.  This ball field recently had a

drainage system installed which was partially funded by the Emmaus Rotary Club.  When not in use by the Alburtis Area

Community Center for league teams, this ball field is available for games to anyone in the Borough.



A Volleyball court is located next to the ball field at School & Walnut Streets.


last updated April, 2018