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Snow Removal

Reminder:  Snow/ice must be removed from all sidewalk areas within 24 hrs. after each snowfall.  Police are receiving complaints citations will be issued.  Do not throw snow back into the streets.  During a snow emergency, all vehicles must be removed from the streets where there is an emergency snow route.  Please listen to local radio stations and television stations for information about snow emergencies.


Parking may be difficult at times, but please remember to use common sense when parking at intersections and crosswalks.  Children need all the visibility possible to cross streets.  They need to see and they need to be seen.  Our police department does not want to write tickets, so help them, the children, and yourself by parking sensibly and safely.

Dogs and Cats

The police department has received complaints about people walking their dogs along sidewalks and not cleaning up after them.  Please clean up after your dog and cat, or you could be fined.  Also no domestic animals shall be permitted upon the streets, alleys, parks, or squares of the Borough unless under leash and accompanied by a person who shall prevent the annoyance of the traveling public by such domestic animal or animals.

Alcoholic Beverages

It is unlawful for any person to consume any alcoholic beverage or carry or possess any opened vessel containing any alcoholic beverage in a public place or in a vehicle parked in a public place; including definitions, exceptions.  The penalties include costs of prosecution and fines of $75.00 for a first offence, $150.00 for a second offense and $300.00 for a third or subsequent offense.  In default of payment, to undergo imprisonment for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days.

House Numbers

Please label the front of your residence with your proper street address/house number.  The Ambulance, Police and Fire Department cannot help you if they cannot find you during an emergency.

Grease, Repair or Service Vehicles

It is unlawful to grease, repair, or otherwise service a vehicle upon any street, or to park a vehicle upon any street for the principal purpose of greasing, repairing, or otherwise servicing such vehicle, except repairs necessitated by an emergency



last updated April, 2018